20 May 2019

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Siemens to Spin Off Gas and Power Division, Merge It With Wind Turbine Supplier SGRE

Siemens will spin off its struggling energy division and merge it with separately listed wind turbine supplier Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE), creating a new multi-technology global energy powerhouse…

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Floating Offshore Wind Holds Promise for Vertical-Axis Turbines

Vertical-axis wind turbines have failed to make a dent in the thriving global wind energy business. But proponents say the technology may be well suited to the emerging floating offshore market…

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Solar and Wind Empowering a ‘Green Big Deal’

Renewable energy in the form of solar and wind power is rapidly becoming a preferred energy source, according to Deloitte Insights, a thought-leadership service of the big audit, consulting, tax, and advisory firm. The report cites a series of global enabling and demand trends that are driving solar and wind to compete on a par with conventional energy sources…

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Wind Industry Network Gathering
Bangkok – 19 June 2019
As part of our member network events, we will be organizing a wind industry network gathering for our members in Bangkok on 19 June 2019.

7th Asia Offshore Wind Day
Taipei – 15 October 2019
As part of our them focused events, we will be organizing the 7th Asia Offshore Wind Day in Taipei on 15 October 2019. The day will include presentations, panel discussions and a cocktail reception at the end of the day.

Please contact us at info@asiawind.org for further information on our events and reports.

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