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Robert Stubb

Global Segment Manager, Roxtec

Mr. Stubb has more than 25 years of experience in the Global Power industry.
After 5 years with ABB in the Cable industry and 2 years in the Distribution Automation industry, he now has close to 20 years at Roxtec including 15 years of experience in the global Wind Power and Transmission Industry both Onshore and Offshore.
Roxtec has been the leading actor in the global wind industry over the last 10 years. Through close cooperation with the major actors, +80 Offshore wind projects have successfully been completed.
Know how and experience on how to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership in Offshore wind projects is key going forward. The Roxtec concept simplifies work from the early design phase of the different components to the service and maintenance over the 25-year life cycle of the projects.
Protecting life & assets and utilizing the “weather window” with our smart sealing concept is our core focus going forward