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Kaori Nishide

Business Development Manager, TNO

After graduation from Faculty of Agriculture at Kyoto University, Kaori moved to the Netherlands for an exchange student programme at Leiden University, focusing on environmental management and systems analysis. Graduating from Wageningen University (MSc Environmental Sciences), she engaged in marketing, competitor analysis, corporate strategy at Ushio Europe and Nutreco headquarters, while acquiring MBA from University of Bradford. She also shortly served as a journalist at Reed Business Media to connect the worldwide feed industry. Since 2013, she is a representative of TNO in Japan, responsible for a division of food and life science, but geared up for wind energy less than a year ago. She has held several committee members’ positions at Japanese ministries of agriculture (MAFF), science and technology (MEXT), most recently for the Moonshot R&D Program of the Cabinet Office. She acts as a part-time lecturer at Hosei University Global MBA, and as a member of Environmental Council in Kodaira city. An energetic jazz piano player all through her career.