Membership Type: corporate

Website: https://vortexfdc.com/
Address: 8-14 Marie Curie Street, Parc Technologic, 08042, Barcelona, Spain
Contact: Dhanaji Patil
Email: dhanaji.patil@vortexfdc.com

Vortex provides modelled wind resource data at any site (onshore/offshore locations) around the globe to wind industry. Products specifically designed & used during prospection, prefeasibility, design or even for operational wind assets, with or even without measurements. Wind maps for early stage prospection & hourly long term series for correlation purpose are requested by our clients & then wind analysts use Vortex high resolution wind distribution TAB files, FARM wrg files, BLOCKS wrg+series, EXTREMES & 10 minute LES time series (incl turbulence and 3 second gusts) those are delivered at 100 m resolution. We do provide short term day ahead forecasting (for grid scheduling/balancing), medium term SEASONAL prediction (for revenue/preventive maint schedules) & long term climate scale services (www.climatescale.com) for assessing climate change impacts in advance/aquiring new assets/placing right assets at right place etc.