5 April 2019

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Denmark to test nacelles for 16MW offshore wind turbines

The Danish government has handed over DKr50m ($7.58m) for an extension of the Lindoe Offshore Renewables Centre (LORC) test facilities to enable it to test the nacelles of 16MW offshore wind turbines…

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Offshore windfarm development: bigger, better, cheaper

The cost of offshore wind has tumbled as turbine designs have got better and bigger, with each machine providing 30 times the output of the first ones deployed 18 years ago. Perhaps the greatest boost to hopes of staving off the worst of climate change is that the coasts of the US, Japan and many maritime states are suitable for floating turbines and are as windy as the North Sea….

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Norvento Begins Testing New Offshore Wind Turbine Prototype

Sanish energy engineering company Norvento has begun conducting validation tests of a new offshore wind turbine prototype…

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Asia Offshore Wind Roundtable – 12 April 2019
As part of our theme focused events, we will be organizingm together with Enterprise Singapore, a roundtable for the Asia offshore wind industry on 12 April 2019 in Singapore. The roundtable will discuss opportunities for the maritime sector in the growing offshore wind industry in Asia.

6th Asia Offshore Wind Day
Seoul – 9 May 2019
As part of our them focused events, we will be organizing the 6th Asia Offshore Wind Day in Seoul on 9 May 2019. The day will include presentations, panel discussions and a cocktail reception at the end of the day.

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