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Donny Ng

Naval Architects

Donny joined LOC in 2001 as a Naval Architect, he is based in the Singapore office. He has more than 15 years’ experience in the marine, oil and gas industry.

Since joining LOC, Donny has managed numerous Marine Warranty and design projects in Asia, including Cakerawala in Malaysia. He is at the forefront of LOC’s development in China and currently is the Managing Director of four offices in this country.

Donny has provided all Marine Warranty and marine assurance services including document review, site attendances, vessel inspections, project management on major projects, Load outs, transportation, sea-fastening, heavy lifting, float-on & float-off, float-overs, pipelaying, HAZOP/HAZID’s, mooring systems and marine operations.

Donny has been a Naval Architect for an international salvor on the successful removal of sunken vessel in Singapore.

Donny started his career as a QA Engineer on new buildings and then as an Assistant Naval Architect carrying out engineering studies for structural cargo load outs, transportation, sea-fastening, installation and conversions on ships.

He is an honours graduate in Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering from Strathclyde University and is fluent in English, Mandarin and dialects.