According to a study sponsored by the United States Department of Energy (DOE) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in 2002-2003, the theoretical wind power potential of Armenia is 4,900 MWe in 4 zones with a total area of 979 km2. As of 2008, the Lori 1 Wind power plant is Armenia’s only wind power plant. Completed in December 2005 by the Iranian company “Sunir” with funding from Iran, it consists of 4 wind turbines and has a capacity of 2.64 MWe. It is located along the Bazum Mountains at Pushkin Pass (40°54′41.36′′N 44°25′52.86′′E) in Armenia’s northern region of Lori. In 2006, the Lori 1 WPP generated only 2.6 GWh of electricity (a yearly average of 296.8 KWe—about 11% of installed capacity). The Armenian and Iranian energy sectors are currently jointly constructing the Iran-Armenia Wind Farm which is set to become the country’s largest wind farm, having an installed electric capacity of 90 MW.