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Address: Roxtec International AB, Box 540 371 23 Karlskrona, Sweden
Phone: +46 455 36 67 00
Fax: +46 455 820 12

Their flexible system is used in projects worldwide to protect life and assets and to ensure safety and operational reliability.

From garage company…

Roxtec was founded in 1990 by Mikael Blomqvist in his residential garage in Karlskrona, Sweden. Thanks to the invention of Multidiameter™, a solution that improved the process of sealing cable and pipe penetrations, their company experienced an impressive growth. They maintained our entrepreneurial spirit, their customer focus and our strong Roxtec Core Values to global market leader.

Today, they provide complete sealing solutions for a wide range of applications in many industries. Roxtec safety seals are found on land, at sea and underground.