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Membership Type: corporate

Website: www.lmwindpower.com
Address: Jupitervej 6, 6000 Kolding, Denmark
Contact Name: Jørgen Henriksen
E-mail: jhen@lmwindpower.com

LM Wind Power is the world’s largest supplier of rotor blades for wind turbines, with a global manufacturing presence consisting of 15 factories in the US, Canada, Brazil, Denmark, Poland, Spain, Turkey, France, China and India. From 1991-2016 LM Wind Power blades powered the world´s first offshore wind farm, and in 2016 LM 73.5 meter blades were installed on the first US offshore wind farm. Our engineers constantly push the boundaries of blade size, airfoil shape and material technology, and we’re leading the size race, most recently with the LM 88.4 in 2017 and the LM 107 in 2018.