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KB Associates Pte Ltd was established in 2002, providing integrated specialist solution for consultancy and training to the onshore, wind / renewable energy and offshore industry – Marine/Diving/ROV/Safety Management Consultancy, Auditing (Diving/ROV/Vessel/Company Management System Audits), Diving System FMEA/FMECA, Technical Authorship of Diving/Safety Management Procedures, Supply of Client Representatives, Industry Membership Consultancy, Tunneling – Hyperbaric Consultancy and Auditing Services, Diving/Hyperbaric System Consultancy and Thermal Environmental Testing of Hyperbaric Chambers.

KB Associates Pte Ltd (KBA) is part of the KB Associates Group of Companies, established and headquartered in Singapore which include KB Associates, KBA Training Centre Pte Ltd, KBA Marine Services Pte Ltd and KB Associates (Europe) Ltd. KB Associates (Europe) Ltd was established in 2010 to meet clients’ and the industry’s requirements in the United Kingdom, in consultancy and training services to the Oil and gas and Offshore Wind sectors.