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Climate change is one of the biggest problems facing us today and it is thus a matter of urgency for us to develop alternative energy sources that have a less harmful environmental impact. Current candidates include wind, solar and biomass energy and there is a global effort to find practical applications for these emerging energy sources. JWD is part of that effort and we have specialized in wind related business applications and technology and in the process we have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge and expertise. JWD is continuing to build a nationwide service network generating wind power and providing the necessary support services.

The use of wind for power generation requires specialist technology and knowledge. In addition, finding locations with adequate wind resources is a job for engineering experts with the necessary experience. JWD has a proven track record of building and operating cost-efficient wind power generation plants. Moreover, making full use of the knowledge acquired through the construction and operation of wind power plants equipped with battery storage, we have developed our own green power system integration technology and are ready to enter the next stage as your energy solutions partner.