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Membership Type: corporate

Website: www.FaroWind.com
Address: Wielka Odrzanska 23 Szczecin, Poland
Contact: Marta Kulesza

We would like to introduce our Company FaroWind , which became thought many years reliable, safety and quality focused subcontractors for Vestas Wind Systems A/S in several European countries, providing vast range of services. Due to fact that our company is ready for further development. Below please find listed some of the activities which be attract your interest:

1. Blades repairs – Polyester and epoxy blade- external & internal damages ( LPS, Leading/Trailing Edge, Cracks in sandwich core material, Cracks in laminate, Delamination, Gelcoat Damage, e.t.c.)

2. Blade inspections – our staff has many years of experience and training at Vestas and LM Wind Power

3. Gearbox inspections with endoscope

4. Measurement and analysis of vibration magnitude measured on WTG components ( vertical, horizontal and axial)