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Membership Type: corporate

Website: https://www.4coffshore.com/
Address: Orbis Energy Centre, Wilde Street, Lowestoft, NR32 1XH
Contact: Mocca Gong
E-mail: mocca.gongyiping@4coffshore.net

4C Offshore is a leading market research and consultancy organisation targeting the offshore energy markets. 4C Offshore’s activities typically fall into two complementary topic areas:
1. Provision of market information products and advisory services to a wide range of global clients in the energy markets, notably offshore wind and subsea power cables.
2. Provision of consulting services to the offshore power cable installation market.
4C Offshore’s market information services includes a standardised subscription for the most comprehensive and maintained knowledge base on offshore wind, including details of over a thousand offshore wind projects and their supply chains, an inventory of turbine developments, comprehensive vessel listings, geodatabases of project infrastructure and offshore wind resources.