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The Asia Wind Energy Association regularly organizes events for its members and wind industry professionals. In addition to our monthly member network gatherings and theme conferences seminars (such as the Asia Offshore Wind Industry), the association organizes an annual Asia Wind Energy Conference during the Singapore International Energy Week.

Our program for 2018 is listed below. As we are constantly updating our even schedule, please check our website or newsletter regularly. If you have any suggestion how we could improve our events or if you want to co-organize an event, please write to us at and suggest!

Event Schedule 2018

3rd Asia Offshore Wind Day
25 January 2018 | Tokyo

International Roundtable for Offshore Wind Industry – Singapore Maritime Week
26 April 2018 | Singapore

Briefing Offshore Wind Energy Market in Europe
31 May 2018

Wind Project Development Seminar
7 June 2018 | Singapore

4th Asia Offshore Wind Day
18 September 2018 | Taipei

Offshore Wind Network Gathering
19 September 2018 | Taipei

India Offshore Wind Roundtable
24 October 2018 | New Delhi

Annual Asia Wind Energy Conference – Singapore International Energy Week 2018
31 October 2018 | Singapore

Australia Offshore Wind Roundtable
14 November 2018 | Melbourne

Event Schedule 2019

5th Asia Offshore Wind Day
24 January 2019 | Tokyo

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