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Wind energy is playing a crucial role in the reduction of  greenhouse gas emissions globally. Since the burning of fossil fuel got rolling at the start of the Industrial Revolution, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has substantially increased. As the ice sheets continue their existing patterns of melting due to elevating temperatures, the sea level will also continue to rise over the next century, and beyond. A direct consequence of trapped CO2 in the atmosphere, melting polar ice caps will bring large-scale coastal flooding. The result will be that our pattern of life on earth will be changed forever. But wind energy is one way in which we can lessen anthropogenic climate change and attempt to remedy a legacy of environmental degradation.

Wind is an energy source that is a viable and clean alternative to fossil fuels, and the worldwide installed capacity of wind power has many economic and environmental advantages.

It’s time that more of us learn more about wind as an important energy resource. What are wind energy, wind power, and wind turbines all about, anyway?

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