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Is that excitement justified or is it, in part, a result of the hyping activities of some proponents of floating foundations?

To be commercially viable for development, deeper water sites (60 metres and more) require reliable and durable floating foundations to be available at a competitive cost,including installation.

In our recent study for WindEurope, Unleashing Europe’s offshore wind potential: a new resource assessment, the baseline scenario identified an economically attractive resource potential of 2,600TWh/year across the Atlantic Ocean, Baltic Sea and North Sea using the technology we expect to exist in 2030.

Turbines mounted on floating foundations would produce 14% of this, but account for only 1% of the resource potential with a levelised cost of energy (LCOE) below €60/MWh.

In our upside scenario, however, more than 70% of the 3,400TWh/year additional economically attractive potential would be delivered by turbines mounted on floating foundations. Nearly half of this additional resource potential is below EUR60/MWh.

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