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Wind Pioneers is a new technical services provider which partners with wind developers to help develop investment-ready wind farm sites. Wind Pioneers provides a range of pre-construction wind analyses and assessments necessary to find, measure and evaluate prospective sites.

To maintain high technical standards and capabilities Wind Pioneers uses a combination of industry-standard software tools and data sources along with its own suite of tools to help provide fast and responsive technical feedback during site development.

Wind Pioneers is a UK-based company with an engineering base in Bangalore, India, and clients spread across Asia. The setup allows the company to offer international-standard services at cost-effective prices to a range of emerging wind markets.

What We Offer

  • Site conditions assessment
  • Long-term site analyses
  • Site uncertainties assessment
  • Revenue and cost of energy prediction
  • Monthly & hourly energy matrices
  • Technical review of third party reports
  • Training of internal engineers
  • Site finding
  • Measurement campaign design
  • Raw wind data cleaning and monitoring
  • Analysis of long-term weather data
  • Site wind flow modelling
  • Turbine layout design
  • Turbine selection analyses

In-House Tools: Enabling Fast Decision-Making

Wind Pioneers has developed a range of proprietary automated tools for fast and smart decision-making during site finding and initial design processes. The tools are designed to facilitate investment decisions based on the metrics that matter, be that per unit cost of energy, measurement campaign uncertainty benefit or net present value of the wind farm development.

  • Site Finding and Evaluation
  • Windiness Evaluation
  • Indicative Design
  • Turbine Comparison
  • Measurement Campaign Design