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Address: Bryggerikaien 12, N-4014 Stavanger, Norway

Contact Name: Michael Bjerrum


Shoreline delivers intelligent cutting-edge simulation and data analytics solutions based on artificial intelligence with smart, user-friendly and intuitive design.

Our groundbreaking cloud based, patented and scalable simulation technology allows customers to build virtual models of offshore wind farms, to simulate and optimise the construction and operational phase during project development, and the daily operation once in operation, in a risk-free environment, and thus save time, cost and increase production output.

Our simulation solutions are distributed on Software as a Service terms for customers internal use, or our experienced in-house specialist can conduct simulation studies on customers behalf.

We have offices in Stavanger, Esbjerg, Hamburg, representation in Korea, and are in the process of establishing presence in the US.

Shoreline has comprehensive experience in providing simulation solutions and consultancy to all stakeholders involved in the lifecycle of an offshore wind farm, energy companies, OEM´s, marine contractors, vessel owners, service providers, technology companies and lenders.

Our software services have been used to win tenders, lease auctions in Europe, understand and analyse some of the most complex off shore wind projects globally and helped create a line of sight in the complex task of operating multiple wind- and hydro assets in a dynamic environment.