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Address: Schmidtbornstr. 9 Frankfurt, 65934 Germany

Phone: +49 69 / 98 97 23 35 – 0


idatase GmbH and the services it offers are built upon long-standing experience in the IT market and a distinct scientific background.

Their international team and perspective is perfectly suited for a worldwide economy. Projects and partnerships spreading all over the globe help them understand quickly evolving trends and technologies and they always review their own technologies and processes to constantly be prepared for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

idatase GmbH has a proven expertise in data processing and analysis. Starting from a profound understanding of the infrastructural foundation we employ an innovative and always up-to-date view on efficient real time or buffered pre-processing of oftentimes massive amounts of data. Through an inherent in-depth analysis of technology, economy, social or business oriented interactions and structures, we are able to create a better understanding of ongoing processes.A steady scientific influx through our close ties to academia and own R&D efforts always guarantees an ideal use of gathered information through mathematical and statistical modeling as well as intelligent and adaptive algorithmic.

And all of the above just for one defined goal: To help you reach an optimal understanding of your business environment and needs.