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Our specialized practice groups, comprised of teams from more than 120 attorneys, provide high quality legal services to clients from all over the world.  With experience in the development of renewable energies, such as solar, hydraulic, wind, and other clean energy technology sectors, our energy attorneys provide in-depth sector know-how and innovative solutions to our energy clients, including government authorities, state-owned utilities companies, and private offshore entities.  We have been counsel to the Taiwan Government agency in charge of energy and the state-owned utilities company for many years.

We provide comprehensive legal advice on a variety of energy related issues and are familiar with all of Taiwan’s energy related legislation and policies.  Our experience includes negotiating with/for private equity fund investors in power generation plants and wind farms, and corporate financing and project financing for the same.  We are familiar with wind farm business operations and project financing structures for the same.  We represented an international turbine manufacturer in government procurement projects and advised them in localizing their terms and conditions.  In addition, we advised a worldwide leader in the oil/gas contracting services sector in connection with an Offshore Gas Pipeline Project, and we represented local power plants in procuring licenses from the relevant authorities and advised regarding their general corporate matters.