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Being Thailand’s largest offshore EPCI contractor, CUEL has delivered the wide range of offshore Oil & Gas facilities for its customers in the Gulf of Thailand and other strategic locations in Asia over the past 18 years. Its continual commitment to Safety & Environment, Quality and Delivery is leading to the success of company till present.

With the extensive fabrication track records of more than 200 offshore Jackets and Topsides, CUEL is now expanding our services to renewable energy sector to support the growing demand over the world with the primary focus on Offshore Wind industry.

Our strong capability in serial production for offshore structure would help strengthen the supply chain of this industry for wind turbine foundation as well as offshore substation.

Asia Pacific is considered as one of our strategic offshore wind market given the rapidly growing demand for renewable energy in this region as well as an advantage on transportation distance from Thailand to the regional countries. CUEL aims to be part of building the sustainability for Asia Pacific offshore wind industry in order to fulfill the rising renewable energy demand within the region.

Entering into the next decade, CUEL embraces the challenges and advance sustainable development to support the rising global industry demands in an attempt to be the superior partner in delivering projects that drive global industry in accordance with our vision.